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the week ahead (nov. 14-20)

This is what the week ahead looks like:

Tuesday: La Fille Coupee En Deux (A Girl Cut in Two) (details here) // $5.10-7.20

Wednesday: Holy Fuck & Klaxons @ Avalon (details here) // $45-60

Thursday: Rani Singam @ Esplanade Recital Studio (details here) // $40

Friday: Laugh Off Asia (details here) // $16-28

Saturday: Screening Room: Film & Food ~ Jane Eyre (details here) // $68++

More to follow… Leave your suggestions in the comments.

now playing: the rum diary

The Rum Diary is now showing in Singapore theaters: a middling film that never really attains the heights it could (or should) have simply because it doesn’t aim high enough. Celebrating excessive drinking is always welcome in my book (witness one of my favourite films Daytime Drinking), and attempting to adapt Hunter S. Thompson to the big screen is always a noble endeavour, but what seriously cripples the film is the complete lack of a compelling story; in the end, it feels like trying to get hammered on a few drops and some alcohol fumes.

song of the week: drake ft. the weeknd — crew love

Drake’s second album features this collaboration with Canadian wunderkind The Weeknd.

news roundup: shit surveys, and $400k of hawker food

D’uh, Captain Obvious: How much time and money do you need to spend to find out that men everywhere are shallow and women are… well, less shallow? Some absolute genius decided to survey 1800 people in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong on what men and women find most attractive about each other, and came up with these earth-shattering results:

A PRETTY face is what Singaporean men want of the fairer sex, while women rank confidence and a strong sense of character as their main considerations for potential partners.

Three in 10 men also said that they would dump their partner if she became overweight, while only one in 10 women here said they would do likewise.

Hawker-stall auntie gets her due: When Marina Bay Sands tried to get out of paying a slot machine winner the $416K that she was due, they hadn’t banked on the fact that she was not a blithering idiot. Choo Hong Eng, the 58-year-old hawker-centre vegetarian-food-stall owner decided she didn’t want the $250K sports car (plus cash) the casino was offering (and to be honest, what would she do with it?) and promptly complained to regulators. MBS was forced to apologize and pay the woman her $416K, half of which she plans to give away to charity. That food must taste awesome now.

I SEA nothing: Two sporting events are on now. In the Barclays Singapore Open, Edoardo Molinari and James Morrison are in the lead after the first round, ahead of a field featuring star-studded names like Phil Mickelson, Graeme McDowell, Ernie Els, Retief Goosen and Colin Montgomerie. Meanwhile, in the 26th SEA Games in Jakarta, no one really gives a flying fuck.

the day my car dream died

Actually, it was pretty much floating face down in the water the moment I moved to Singapore, but here’s one more piece of depressing news in that regard: the certificate of entitlement (COE) price [explained here] for passenger cars is now S$78,001. This is the highest level it has been since 1994, says the Straits Times, noting that prices have gone up due to the fear there will be fewer COEs next year. Public transport anyone? But seriously, think about this: The average taxi ride from the city center to my home in the evening is about $10. If I take a taxi once a day every day for a year, it should come to about $4,000 annually. And that means I will have to take taxis every day for close to 20 years, if I want to run up a total bill of $78K.  And that’s not even factoring in the actual price of the car, which are expensive as hell in Singapore too.

random singapore thought 1.3

Buses carry signs that urge you to report assaults on the “bus captain.” The Golden Village cinema chain has signs asking you respect its employees and refrain from abuse and violence directed at them. To which I must ask: who exactly is beating up these people (and why)? And how on earth are these signs supposed to help?

raise your glass for trivia: quiz nights in singapore

A quick list of trivia nights in Singapore, including what to expect at the few that I’ve been to so far:

Tuesday Night:

Turnstyles: Probably the best quiz night I’ve been to in Singapore. Interesting questions, a smart, witty quizmaster who knows what he’s doing, a thoroughly engaged crowd. All good fun.

Brewerkz: People, lots and lots of people. They don’t even seat you near the water; they just push you into a room and throw questions at you. And seriously… 16-member teams? A bit of a joke, that. That said, the questions aren’t half-bad.

Boomarang: Quite a few teams, but the woman hosting is terrible at it. The questions are naive, yes, but she looks embarrassed and unsure most of the time, and greatly relieved when it’s all over.

The Dog & Bone and The Pit (both fortnightly): To be confirmed

Wednesday Night:

The Sportsman: Tiny little place, tiny little quiz — there’ll be a maximum of six teams there, if they’re lucky. But the teams are hugely friendly, the questions are occasionally very good, and there’s free chicken curry and rice until it runs out.

The Old Brown Shoe, Krish, Picotin (fortnightly) and Celina’s GastroBar (monthly): To be confirmed.


BQ Bar and Harry’s (both on Boat Quay): I’ve heard rumors, but I’ve little evidence.

show your love for sg, win a sony hdtv

Why would you want to sit through a bunch of three-minute films about how this is heaven on earth, and why you should never leave to go to some place with higher salaries and lower housing prices? Well, the ad says that if you vote for one or more of these films, you have a chance to win a Sony Bravia 40″ HDTV. Just remember to keep a box of tissues by your side.

news round-up: it couldn’t happen here

The New Paper wonders aloud if Singapore will ever suffer the fate of Bangkok, a fifth of which is currently under water, and finds its greatly reassured when the PUB chairman asserts that it won’t.

“… the Singapore River is not considered a huge river,” says Tan Gee Paw. “So we are in a more fortunate position than Bangkok is.”

Meanwhile, inSing notes that Internet users are pissed as hell with the SMRT over disruptions and delays.

“A netizen ‘poseidon’ asked if SMRT is trying to be ‘slightly better than the worst’ and wondered if SMRT is comparing itself to train systems in China or India.

Another netizen ‘tt32003’ feels that SMRT’s shareholders care only about more commuters taking the MRT and earning more profits.

‘They don’t care about the complaints,’ he posted.

Another netizen ‘angcsbenny’ feels that regular folk are at the mercy of SMRT, because ‘like it or not, you still have to take the train.’

Finally, Straits Times reports that a condo security guard has been charged with molesting a Japanese kindergarten teacher. Aside from the jail term, or fining and/or caning, he also faces a civil suit from the woman’s husband, to cover penalties for early termination of the condo lease and relocation costs.

song of the week: childish gambino — heartbeat

Donald Glover, “Troy Barnes” in Community, is also a rapper.

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